Daniel Barenboim

We say that when we strongly crave something usually we achieve it. To me this sentence sometimes works, sometimes not. Tonight was my lucky one. A sold out concert since months, the only hope to get a ticket was to go and queue at least two hours before the concert started, maybe a returned one, or a 70 pounds left. Weak hope, actually. Who could give up to such a concert? Daniel Barenboim playing both Brahms piano concertos with Gustavo Dudamel orchestra. Also, Sunday is the best day to practice in Trinity… and the weak hope againist the missed practice was a hard challenge. To go or not to go? It’s 6 pm. It takes 30/40 minutes travelling to get to the Royal Festival Hall. It could be too late to queue. Or maybe not, then the choice became “to go”.

The best choice ever. The queue was very long, and only 45 minutes left before the beginning of the concert. Everyone was trying to grab the better ticket, even people pretending not to understand very well where the queue started, so hopes dying little by little. Almost 5 minutes to the concert. I was ready to go back home, when a woman appeared suddenly, in the silence of other people like me discouraged at this point, and said softly: “I have a ticket. Who wants it?”. I don’t know who or what gave me the alacrity to say “me”, and listen the words “great, it’s yours” few seconds after.

I did not even have the time to realise what was going on that I felt even stunned when I discovered that my ticket was for the fourth row, probably 3 meters far from the stage, and of a value of 90 pounds. Not even possible to describe my feeling in those moments. I think I would have called all my friends if I were able to, but luckly the coverage in the RFH is horrible!

Finally, the orchestra comes on the stage, the concert is going to start. And He is really there, few steps far from me.

I just let you imagine the remainder, it would be unecessary to describe the incredible concert was going to take place.

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